Features a Luxury Home Builder Shouldn’t Ignore

Designing a luxury home to furnishing from the ground up can be enjoyable, but fixing design and construction mistakes can be a headache. Most luxury home buyers focus on fixtures and appliances, leaving the features that have an impact on their lifestyles. Buyers don’t know enough but the obvious things like the floor plans, types of cabinets and countertops, the colours, the flooring types, lighting, paints on the wall and more. It can be easy to be wowed by models available at the sales centres, but it needs more than that. For example, does the floor suit your needs? Talk about the durability of the finishes or the materials used. Are there storage facilities available and are they in the right places? How about the countertops are they made of natural stones or manufactured veer? Those are some of the questions to keep in mind when buying or building a custom luxury home.

Here are some of the issues that beginners should focus on when buying or designing a custom luxury home to avoid costly mistakes in the future:

Floor plan

The open floor plan isn’t for everyone, especially if you would like to hide messes that come with cooking and eating. While walking through the models, think about the privacy of your family members. Think about the furniture, will the floor plan accommodate all the furniture you need for your luxury home? What about the bed sizes, can the floor plan accommodate the right bed size for each member of the family, i.e. king size beds? Think about the safety of the floor plans, i.e. balconies, are they safe for all the family members? Thinking in that direction will allow you to make the right decisions before buying a custom luxury home for your family.


It is one most important aspect often overlooked by interior designers. Mind the type of insulation you require for your home. If sounds diffuse through the rooms, then it is time to reconsider your insulation. Ensure the builder uses the right insulation material for soundproofing. And this should apply to the doors, instead of using hollow material, use solid material to buffer some noise.

Flooring material, tiles and countertops

Rift sawn wood can be a good start, but we prefer solid wood over engineered pieces. Hardwoods are more durable than pine or birch. Also, wide boards are more appealing than narrow chopped boards. The same applies to countertops and flooring options. It would help if you took your time to review your choices for countertops and flooring options. But at the back of your mind keep durability and sturdiness within the equation.

Paint job

 Every homebuilder, including the most luxury-focused, uses paints with a variation of white colour. But there are other finishes fit for painting luxury homes like high-gloss or semi high-gloss. If your custom home comes with painted walls, then you must get the best paint job possible even when it’s labour intensive.


Most home builders rely on architects and interior designers instead of lighting specialists. Interior designers may put up lighting in place, but they often buy their stuff in bulk for economies of scale purposes, which in the end compromise the quality of lighting. Lighting a custom luxury home should be purposeful, and the person needed here is a lighting specialist, not an interior designer.

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