Maintaining caravan awnings

When you invest in a caravan awning you should also make sure that you care and maintain it the right way. This can be an expensive purchase and since you are spending so much money on it, it is important that these remained looking as good as new for as long as possible. It is necessary to take proper care of the awnings so you can enjoy these for a number of years.

The following are some tips to ensure that you are able to clean your caravan awning the right way.

Tips for cleaning the caravan awnings

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that the awning is set up the right way before you start with the installation you should look around and see if there are certain stones or old pegs which might damage the awnings. When you are about to pitch you should make sure that the guideline and the storms tribes are positioned in a way which does not allow the fabric to flap. An awning with flapping fabric is more likely to get damaged. However you shouldn’t extend the tension a great deal either or it might again cause the awning to become damaged.

It is best to clean your caravan awnings when they are set up. This way you have easy access to every inch of the awning including the bars as well as the fabric. There are few people who toss their awnings into the washing machine this can damage both the awning as well as the washing machine. Use the right kind of cleaning products and since it only has a waterproof surface it could be ruined if you use the wrong kind of cleaner.

If there are certain products which a manufacturer has recommended you must make sure that you buy those products only. On the other hand using just simple warm water and a soft bristle brush can do the trick. Before you wash the awnings you should scrape of the dirt with a piece of a card or any flat bladed knife.

Once you have cleaned the awning it is important that you allow it to try directly under the sunlight. Sometimes your only might require more than just the regular cleaning. There are things like mold and mildew which would need to be removed with the help of suitable products. You can mix one part of diluted chlorine bleach with 4 parts of water. Pour the solution into a bottle and spray it on the mold and the mildew while allowing the awning to dry. After that wash of the diluted bleach with water and allowed the awning to dry off. This solution not only helps to get rid of the stains but also of the moldy smell which is so overpowering.

It also recommended that you should clean your awning with an appropriate product. This not only helps ensure that your awning remains waterproof but can also prevent recurrent attacks from the mold. Keeping these things in mind would allow you to care for your caravan awning the right way.

Kakadu Annexes supply caravan awnings. When your annex has become too dirty and worn out to clean, it is better to buy a new one.

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